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Nov 18

Silver Bear 308 Win Velocity Test

Buffman does a velocity test of Silver Bear .308 Win 145gr FMJ ammunition. The test gun is a Springfield M1A with 22″ barrel.

Oct 20

308 Ammo for Sale

For several years, we have worked with, and purchased ammo from our friends at LuckyGunner. As with most calibers, they have tons of 308 ammo for sale. At the time of this post, LuckyGunner carries the following 308 Ammo brands: Aguila Australian Defense Industries Barnes Federal Fiocchi Hornady Lake City PMC Prvi Partizan Remington Sellier …

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May 30

Silver Bear .308 Ammunition Review

A review and range demo of Silver Bear .308 ammunition. The test rifles included a Savage Axis and M1A.