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Nov 22

Lehigh Defense Controlled Chaos .308 Ammunition

A range demo of Lehigh Defense Controlled Chaos .308 Ammunition (145gr lead free). The .308 test rifle is a PTR 91.

Oct 23

AmmoMan 308 Bulk Ammo Order

The Steel Polymer n Brass channel reviews the 308 bulk ammo order he received from This order consists of 500 rounds of PMC .308 ammo.

Jul 01

Geco .308 Win Gel Test

The Shooting Show takes a look at GECO .308 Win ammunition, including ballistic gel penetration test. The test rifle is the Ruger American.

Mar 13

Definitive Arms 308 PMAG VEPR AK

A look at the prototype .308 PMAG VEPR AK from Definitive Arms. This VEPR uses 20 round Magpul PMAGs.

May 30

Silver Bear .308 Ammunition Review

A review and range demo of Silver Bear .308 ammunition. The test rifles included a Savage Axis and M1A.

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