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May 12

Gorilla Ammunition

An overview and inside look at the manufacturing process of Gorilla Ammunition, which is currently available in .223 Rem, 300 Blackout, and .308 Win. Visit Gorilla Ammunition to see their full line of ammo.

Nov 08

Loading Subsonic 308 Ammunition

John McQuay from 8541 Tactical gives some tips for loading subsonic 308 ammunition. The monopod mounted on the Cadex Strike 30 Dual Chassis is the new Ultimate Rail-Pod from our friends at CTK Precision.

Oct 23

AmmoMan 308 Bulk Ammo Order

The Steel Polymer n Brass channel reviews the 308 bulk ammo order he received from This order consists of 500 rounds of PMC .308 ammo.

Oct 20

308 Ammo for Sale

For several years, we have worked with, and purchased ammo from our friends at LuckyGunner. As with most calibers, they have tons of 308 ammo for sale. At the time of this post, LuckyGunner carries the following 308 Ammo brands: Aguila Australian Defense Industries Barnes Federal Fiocchi Hornady Lake City PMC Prvi Partizan Remington Sellier …

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Aug 20

Barnes VOR-TX 308 vs Watermelon

Slow motion video of what happens when the Barnes VOR-TX 308 round impacts watermelon.